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Matthew T. Stanton, Filmmaker

Fat Bessy Films, LLC

Matthew T. Stanton was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  As an adopted, biracial son in a multi-cultural family, Matthew experienced the importance of family structure and the unique perspective and understanding of cultural diversity.  His father (a high school math teacher and track/football coach) and mother (a registered nurse and equine therapist) provided him with the necessary tools to cultivate a sense of self awareness and identity.  This discovery provided him with the essential elements of creativity that was the culmination of family, environment, community and imagination.  Being raised on a horse farm in the "Heartland of America" provided Matthew with an insight that would be an instrumental influence in the progression and creation of an artistic career.


Matthew studied Business Administration at Eastern Michigan University and participated in college athletics.  He is also an avid horseman who has enjoyed riding and caring for horses of all breeds and backgrounds throughout his entire life and he has even worked for a short while as a male model while studying theater in Cleveland.  Since relocating to Los Angeles, California Matthew spent over three years working in television production at MTV Networks serving as a Production Coordinator on the network's popular dating game shows.  His experiences developing new show ideas and concepts, working with talent, performing on set pilot shows for studio executives and working closely with the talent department helped prepare Matthew for a promising career in the entertainment industry.



Matthew earned his college degree from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Theater Arts in 2001 and founded his independent film production company Fat Bessy Films, LLC  as a DBA in the state of California the same year.  Fat Bessy Films' goals are to make quality films that will reach the American public and populations throughout the world by means of multiple media channels. Matthew's background in theatrical productions while studying at the collegiate level and his contributions in delivering impactful, professional industry showcases in Hollywood, California has proven very instrumental in generating valuable preparation experience and proven production delivery.    


"NORTH STARR" was the first independent feature length film written, directed and produced by Matthew T. Stanton under his banner Fat Bessy Films, LLC.  The critical success and world wide recognition this film earned and achieved was reflected by the highly respected Sundance Film Festival where North Starr was selected to compete with honors in the prestigious Dramatic Competition Category and earned a Grand Jury Prize Nomination.


As a screenwriter, actor, director, and producer, Matthew T. Stanton has been determined to express his voice through carefully illustrated and well-conceived ideas that resonate from his personal experiences and observations.  It is his goal to make films that will reach the human spirit and have the opportunity to cross borders, color lines, generations, and cultures by unifying the truthful element of the human story.                               


Digital Streaming Available on  06/26/18  

Pre-Sales Available through Apple iTunes on  05/25/18  

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“I want to challenge people to embrace differences - socially, culturally, politically.”

                                                                                          ~ Matthew T. Stanton, Filmmaker

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