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Director:  Matthew T. Stanton

Screenwriter:  Matthew T. Stanton

Genre:  Drama


A murder witness on the run from the inner city must stand his ground in a tiny Texas town in order to keep his dreams alive.


After witnessing the brutal murder of his best friend, Demetrious (Jerome Hawkins) impulsively hops into a cab to escape the thug life and flees the badlands of inner city Houston for greener pastures.  His cash takes him only as far as Trublin, a tiny backward town with a past it can't bury.  He is soon picked up by Darring (Matthew T. Stanton) an unlikely kindred spirit who takes him under his wing.  But all is not well in Trublin, Texas as the town's unspeakable past is quickly resurrected upon Demetrious' arrival.  Together the two men find the strength in each other to rouse old demons that haunt the town and confront them in bold and unexpected ways.


Digital Streaming Available on  06/26/18  

Pre-Sales Available through Apple iTunes on  05/25/18  

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"There is a rare poetic and quietly tender quality to Stanton's filmmaking that is mesmerizing to watch.  It inspires the palpable exhilaration you feel when discovering a truly fresh directorial vision and voice." ~ Shari Frelot, Sundance Film Festival

"Matthew T. Stanton skillfully maneuvers between the poetic and prosaic, merges the personal with the political and succeeds admirably in his effort."~ Chicago International Film Festival

"North Starr is a story about freedom and the individual quest for self discovery and understanding." ~ Santa Monica Daily Press Article

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